Sharing in Community — Boston


In this sport, it’s about far more than just us. Everywhere we visit, we hope to meet the athletes that support us—the people fueling the fire behind everything we are doing here at Tinman HQ. So when we travel, we hope to take that time as an excuse to meet the running communities we are guests in. Through the miles shared on their roads and trails, we hope to connect with the athletes who call this place home. We hope to inspire, excite, and positively impact the running world in an effort to give back to the sport that has given all of us so much.

We hope to push the sport forward—with help from all of you.


“When we travel, we hope to take that time as an excuse to meet the running communities we are guests in.”

Our recent trip to Boston was no different. As we pulled into the parking lot of the picturesque Chestnut Hill Reservoir with the trunk full of Tinman gear, we were met by 50 eager harriers from across the northeast. After Sam provided introductions, the run kicked off as the golden hour sunlight streamed down. We all ran together. Old friends, past training partners, and budding young athletes, all enjoying the beautiful day with one another. No barriers, no pace-pushing, no factions—just a group of runners enjoying the thing that they love most.


Our goal as a team has always been to authentically share the lives of our athletes. This was no different in Boston, then at home in Boulder. Burritos are a staple—the universally-agreed-upon ideal fuel after a long day of mileage. So after a couple of loops around the reservoir, we headed down the street to a local burrito spot, Amelia’s Taqueria (personal favorite of our photographer, Ben Weingart).

Over hefty burritos and chips and salsa we had the opportunity to be present with some of the athletes that support us. We got to hear your stories, crack mediocre jokes, and get to know the runners who care about what we are doing.

From those that lived down the block, to those who drove in hours to run with us, we truly appreciate you all.

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Photos from the event can be found here:

For those in attendance, if you see a photo of yourself feel free to use it. Just give us and our guy @benjaminweingart a tag so we can share in your story.