The Men of Tin covered events from the 800m to the Half Marathon this weekend.

Read on below for a recap from the entire weekend, and watch Episode One of INSIDE TINMAN ELITE.

Everyone sees the race results, social media posts, and articles from pro running teams -- but we want to share a true visual look at Tinman Elite and its members. Inside Tinman Elite is a video series created to connect with runners of all levels and backgrounds.



2x Top 8 US Finish

4x Personal Bests

3x Season Openers


“It was a big week for Tinman Elite. Of the eight TME athletes competing in various events at Payton Jordan, the 5,000m run results were the most notable. The field targeted a time of 13:22.5; the published performance standard to compete in the IAAF World Outdoor Championships held on September 27th through October 6th in Doha, Qatar. Drew Hunter, Jordan Gusman, and Sam Parsons ran 13:21.18, 13:21.35, and 13:22.32 respectively—all capturing the standard to be eligible upon selection from their respective countries.
They closed the last 800m in an impressive 2:01.”


“Having Sam and Goose with me every step of the race was the energy boost I needed to run 13:21 and get the World Championship Standard.”

—Drew Hunter


“We didn’t get too caught up with moves being made and stuck to our plan, for that we were rewarded with qualifying marks.”

—Jordan Gusman


“It was a huge breakthrough for me—not just on the clock, but mentally to practice being ‘the witness, not the possessor of my doubts as they arouse within my mind & body.⁣’”

—Sam Parsons


“To execute the race plan and run a 4 second PR of 8:48…was very gratifying. I’m looking forward to getting back to Boulder to prepare for the bell lap of the next race.

—Joey Berriatua


“A year ago, 9:06 was a bad race and now I feel the same about this weekend’s 8:49. I exposed my weaknesses and have a great indicator of fitness...back to work!”

—Kyle Medina


“I learned a lot about myself and what I need to do better going forward. This sport is all about progress.”

—Connor Winter


“I tried to make the most of the situation I was in, but… I’ll need to be better in two weeks at Oxy. I know I am ready and fit and my time is coming.”

—Jeff Thies


“I got out there and competed, came home in 1:50, and had fun with my team. This was a major win for my professional career.”

—Patrick Joseph

The Tinmen will be taking on the USATF Distance Classic at Occidental College on May 16.

all photos courtesy of @noahoneone and @drifting_crackerjack