Tin Talk

Tin Talk is a place for the athletes and artists of Tinman Elite to share
their stories through a variety of mediums for all to enjoy.


Tin Talk episode 1—Drew Hunter & sam parsons

Join Sam and Drew as they sit down to discuss hard-hitting conversation topics like: what they’ve learned from Tom ‘Tinman’ Schwartz, who has better style, and the Tinman Elite group chat.



An in-depth look at the design process behind the Tinman Elite logo, what it stands for, and why we wear it with so much pride.



Jeff recounts his journey to Sub-4. From a broken foot and a loss of hope, to a resilient comeback and an accomplished goal.


drew hunter—the return

Drew dives into a heartfelt recollection of his senior cross country season, his recent injury struggles, and how he is now back with an unexpected announcement to make.


sam parsons—This is for you

Sam shares the heartfelt story of his decision to represent Germany in the next chapter of his running career.


REED FISCHER—Houston half marathon

Run stride for stride with Reed during his breakthrough performance at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon.