Tyler mueller, Pennsylvania

Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Tyler brings a hard-nosed Philly attitude to the group. Tyler epitomizes the blue collar runner. He's retired from the sport twice only to return after rediscovering his love for running—all while holding down a full-time job. As the oldest member of the team, Tyler is the mentor and running encyclopedia of the squad.



The OG Tinman, and the reason we're all here. After putting together one of the most impressive high school careers in history, Drew flipped the running world on its head by signing a contract with adidas at the age of 18. We like to think of him as a young LeBron James. Drew brings a ferocity and work ethic that empowers the team to achieve individual and collective goals.


REED FISCHEr, Minnesota

Reed was a 4:29 miler when he showed up at Drake University. With a level-headed, nose-to-the-grindstone, Midwestern approach to training and racing, he willed himself into one of the NCAA's best. Reed placed higher at NCAAs than he did at the Minnesota State Meet. A believer in betting on yourself, he turned down several funded groups to work full-time in Boulder and become a founding member of the team. Reed brings a "no bad days" attitude and an analytical, uplifting presence to the team.



Sam learned the importance of camaraderie while at NC State, where he served as captain for three years. An adventurer at heart, he decided to quit running after college to experience the world and find his path in life. After traveling to 16 countries in four months, Sam realized the sport wasn't done with him and decided to put his shenanigans aside. He now serves as proof that with the right mentality, people behind you, and an unwavering self-belief, you can reach new heights. Sam brings a fun-loving, yet compassionate leadership to the team. 


KYle Medina, california 

After growing up in between homes, campsites, and his mother's car with his younger brother, Kyle settled down with his family in SoCal where running found him. The sport became his outlet to better his life from the one he was dealt. He proved himself throughout his time at Chico State, where he became one of the most versatile and consistent runners in DII history with five top-four finishes in three different events. Kyle brings an unmatched loyalty, humility, and drive to Tinman Elite.



Jeff thies, california 

Growing up in Surf City, USA—Jeff ignored the beaches, opting for the track. After a successful high school career, he found a new home at the University of Portland. While a Pilot, Jeff asserted his range with All American finishes in the 1500m and cross country—both in 2017. Despite having big dreams, a broken foot derailed his final collegiate season and he was left with an undeniable chip on his shoulder. Jeff is one of the most overlooked up-and-coming talents in American distance running. Jeff brings an ambitious spirit and an uncompromising hunger for excellence to the team.

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Jordan Gusman, australia 

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Jordan developed his work ethic while working 12 hours a day of hard labor with his parents for their property maintenance business, then heading to an 800m loop down the block to do his workouts at night. Jordan’s hard work culminated with runner-up finishes in the 1500m and 5000m in the Australian National Championships in 2016 & 2017 respectively. Jordan brings a headstrong and unrelenting approach to running that embodies the Tinman mentality and will take him to the upper echelons of our sport.