Meet Our Sponsors

Tinman Elite’s sponsors are excited about supporting potential Olympians and allowing us to pursue our goals. We want to align ourselves with companies that make product and technology that helps us to reach our potential and are synonymous with who we are as people. We believe that in order to create a successful partnership, it is paramount that potential sponsors align with our team values and overall mission.

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Final Surge

Final Surge is dedicated to bringing athletes and coaches of all types the very best online training product on the market. Founded and created by athletes and coaches, Final Surge understands our team’s needs in today's training environment.

Final Surge allows us to visualize our training months in advance, communicate with our coach through post-workout comments, and compare past workouts to our current fitness level. This helps optimize our training, encourage us that we are ready for a break-out race, and takes away the headaches of organization.

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As Tinmen, we want to be at the forefront of running culture—pushing the sport forward and connecting with it on all levels. adidas shares a similar mission: “Through sport, we have the power to change lives.”

In addition to a mission that speaks to the heart of Tinman Elite, adidas is a market leader in product innovation and performance. The brand leaves no stone unturned to bring the highest quality running shoes and apparel. We are confident to toe the starting line with the highest quality product and with support from adidas.

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Just like us, Stryd was born in Boulder. Stryd was created to help runners take a deep dive into the nuances of training. Stryd measures your running power, which accounts for your speed, terrain change, form, and fatigue. Training with power allows you can take the guesswork out of training and stay healthy.

The Stryd pod also provides metrics like vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and more to give a full picture of our training. This data serves as our competitive advantage, allowing our coach to focus on areas where individual runners may be weak, building on those weaknesses and turning them into strengths.