Born in Boulder.

Established in 2017.

We are not a group, social movement, or track club. We are a team that pushes and cares for each other in pursuit of establishing ourselves as one of the most respected and recognized running teams in the world. 

One of our many team goals is to have ten runners competing for spots on the line in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

our mission:

We strive to push each other and the sport of running forward.

We will be uncompromising and certain in our values and goals, we expect the best from all Tinman athletes on and off the track.

We work to bring out the best in ourselves through a steadfast belief in one another, a positive training environment and trust in our coaching.

We aim to inspire runners through confident, gritty performances in competition and a fun-loving approach to the sport outside of competition.

Our goal is to make running accessible and relatable through honest connections with runners at all levels of the sport—creating fellowship between runners of all abilities.


Our vision:

To raise the standard of elite distance running by training a wide range of successful athletes covering distances from 800m to the marathon. 

We seek to provide an opportunity for developing runners who are consistently competitive at the professional level and capable of olympic caliber marks.


In a short period of time Tinman has been able to sew fans in a sport desperate for them, and show people a different side of running that makes world class athletes feel like your friend, all in an effort to inspire.
— Ryan Sterner for Tempo Journal