The man, the myth, the mind behind Tinman Elite. Tom embodies what it means to be a student of the sport. He has learned, listened to, read, and archived every piece of running knowledge possible in order to bring all of his athletes to their best. And it's paid off. In his 30 years of coaching experience, he has developed dozens of NCAA DI runners, national champions, and national record holders. Tom coaches runners from youth to masters, across every distance and platform of running from the track, road, and trail. His training philosophy can be distilled into one phrase: "Keep the ball rolling." Consistent, tough, healthy, and smart training in order to feel your best year-round.

Tom is a competitor to his core, even refusing to take painkillers while fighting through a brain tumor a few years ago. His fighting, loving spirit is the reason we are called Tinman. It is an honor for us to bear the "Tinman" name and represent Tom in training and competition. Tom's passion and love for his athletes is unparalleled. As a team, we get our gritty and tough, yet loving team culture from the man who brought us all together. He currently lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Tammy, and son, Teigon. Tom brings tenacity, compassion, and an inquisitive mind to Tinman Elite that shapes all team members.


  • Pursuing PhD in Health & Human Performance—Concordia University-Chicago

  • Master's in Business Administration—Marylhurst University

  • Master's in Human Performance—University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

  • Bachelor's in Exercise Science w/ Coaching Minor—University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

  • Franz Stamplf

  • Pat Clohessy

  • Percy Cerutty

  • George Gandy


  • Don McMorris

  • Arthur Lydiard

  • Bill Bowerman

  • Harry Wilson

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